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Caring for all areas of the Fleurieu Peninsula and surrounding areas including Adelaide, South Coast Funerals provide a professional, personal and dignified funeral service. We guide you through all aspects of the funeral service, giving you peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a funeral?

There are many funeral options to choose from, some funeral directors offer only packages others only customised services. South Coast Funeral Services provides you with the options of choosing affordable packages and designing your own funeral service.

Is burial more expensive than cremation?

Generally a cremation will cost less than a burial. There may be some cases where this may not be true, for example if a small country cemetery is used. Please give us a call to discuss your options in more detail.

Do I need to have the funeral within a specific time frame?

This is dependent on many factors. The doctor or coroner’s confirmation and issuing the necessary certificates; the availability of a church or crematorium; the availability of a minister or celebrant; and relatives that might be travelling from overseas.

Can I personalise my funeral service?

Absolutely, in fact, we recommend it. After all, the funeral is a celebration of life. We are happy to discuss all options and ensure your funeral is tailored to your wishes. It may be personalised in many unique ways. Contact us (phone number)to explore the possibilities.

What do funeral planners do?

Funeral planners are both caregivers and administrators.

In their administrative duties, they make the arrangements for transportation of the body, complete all necessary paperwork, and implement the choices made by the family regarding the funeral and final disposition of the body.

As caregivers, funeral planners are listeners, advisors and supporters. They have experience assisting the bereaved in coping with death.

Funeral planners are trained to answer questions about grief, recognise when a person is having difficulty coping, and recommend sources of professional help.

Funeral planners also link survivors with support groups at the funeral home or in the community.