Why Use Our Services?


Our service is very personalized and we help all faiths and religious denominations, with the same person making all the arrangements with you and being with you during the service.
We conduct services anywhere in South Australia. The service may be at your church or other venue such as at your home a park or the beach or at any of the chapels located throughout Victor Harbor, Goolwa &  Adelaide or at the various cemeteries or crematoriums.

Simply call us to arrange to come to our office. We can also arrange to visit you at home, where friends and family may be close by to help and support you.

Travel protection
is another service we often incorporate with our pre-paid funeral plans and is warmly received by those who travel within Australia.









Why South Coast Funeral Services (Sa)?

South Coast Funerals Services can help with

  • Immediate funeral care,
  • Fully licensed mortuary on site
  • Non attendance cremations
  • Pre-arranged funerals and
  • Pre-paid funerals.
  • Funerals on a 24 month payment plan

Immediate funeral care is when a death has
occurred. Our care for you and your loved one

starts with our first contact

we will imediatly transfer your loved one

to our licensed mortuary at our premises

in Seaview road.

Our comprehensive service means
we will make all the necessary arrangements
for you.

Pre-arranged funerals mean that we take
note of all the choices made for the funeral
and we keep them on file for future use
without any money being paid.
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